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Futu Pasi

The Artist

Roselind Hunsel


“My adult life living and working in London I have mostly felt like a visitor observing a foreign culture, only to learn that this experience is immediately reciprocated by everyone around you.

London is a melting pot of cultural Diaspora all searching to belong and find their own comfortable position within society. Quite similar to my birthplace Paramaribo, but with a different intention."


Roselind Hunsel was born and raised in Paramaribo, Suriname to a Surinamese father and Dutch mother and has been living and working in London since 1985.

She studied Fashion design at The American College in Los Angeles in 1983 and in London in 1985.

After working as a pattern cutter and costume designer in London she continued her Fashion design studies at Kent State university in Ohio USA in the mid-nineties.

Back in London, she had several career changes to juggle life's priorities as a working mum and since 2014, has come back full circle to her default setting off visual artistic expression.

She returned to education between 2014-2019 at City Lit London to rediscover her art practice and completed the 2-year CLFA course.

Roselind Hunsel is a multicultural visual artist and a member of the Rookeryartists Collective.

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