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Futu Pasi

Hamaka Art


The name Hamaka, meaning Hammock, was the name of Roselind’s family jungle retreat in the Surinamese rainforest.

A glorified Pina hut (a wooden structured hut, with palm leaf roof) in the savanna planes on the edge of the dense rainforest.

A romantic dream that came into fruition in the late 70’s, but due to the 1980 coup it was a very short-lived dream.


Roselind’s creative process is a search for a sense of belonging that has a subconscious connection to her birthplace in Paramaribo, Suriname. Visual interpretations of expressions and meanings that either get highlighted or lost in translation.

She starts with big sketches and zooms in on the little areas that have many nuances and varying strengths.

She explores various media, to be able to translate a colourful abstract and energetic visual balance.

Each work is a sister, brother, father, mother or friend of the last one.

Her work is a visual multi-cultural language.

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