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The inspiration for the designs on these beautiful pots comes from the art of the Maroon Culture in Suriname. The exquisite Art of Woodcarving called Tembe.

The symbols that are used by the Maroon woodcarvers, are to express messages of love, gratitude and respect.

These Terracotta Pots are individually hand painted and each pot is a unique design. No two pots are the same.

The Hamaka symbol, "Hamaka Shield",is referred to in many of the designs as a message for protection.

Hamaka Terracotta Pots were selected to be part of a group pop-up shop in Sommerset House in London by the artist Hassan Hajjaj during his solo exhibition La Caravan in october 2017.

The pots are fully treated and sealed and perfect for in-door or out-door use. They come in various sizes.